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Listening comes first

Expanding a client’s vision by opening windows from within their own comfort zones leads to exciting, inviting spaces that revitalize and just feel right.

Working with one company throughout the entire process from concepts and schematic drawings, architectural plans, project budgets, construction, interior design, home furnishings and even landscape design has many advantages for the client.

The process becomes fun and easy for the home owner when all of the day to day details are being taken care in way that ensures the end result is exactly what was expected.

Our clients have the choice of being involved as much or as little as they want to be. Constant communication between Jeffery Roberts and the homeowner is paramount to success. Jeffery is easy to talk to and is always open to his clients' ideas. Jeffery and his staff take the time to explain the process so that the client is aware of the timeline and budget at each phase of the project.

After the homeowner moves into their new home, JEFFERY ROBERTS also offers caretaking and maintenance services for ongoing upkeep of their investment.

“We take the client from concept designs to handing them the key to the front door and everything in between.”

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