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British Beauty:
A Manor Of Listening

Drawn to the not-too-formal elegance and warmth of traditional English manors, Sandra returned to Jeffery Roberts after two major remodeling experiences and was ready to build a new home. From fine-furniture detailing, reclaimed stone from France and hand-rubbed finishes to divided-light and leaded windows, cutting-edge amenities and glazed, milk-painted cabinetry, Jeffery’s meticulous research and understanding channeled Sandra’s wishes into reality.

“My home is so much of who I am,” Sandra said, “because Jeffery knows how to listen. He took me by the hand, helped expand my vision and allowed me to grow while walking me through the process.

“Different clients need him for different things,” she reflected. “But if you’re building a home from start to finish, he is beyond talented – he is gifted.”

Sandra Colegrove

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Leistra Residence

Built in 1934, this house had several challenges that come with age and neglect - water damage, old brick work, sagging windows and out of date renovations. However, Phil and Andrea saw the original bones of the house and put their trust in Jeffery to help them realize their dreams.

The project became a mix of installing all new mechanicals, new windows & roof and seamlessly adding a new master suite, back entry and new garages to the existing house on a moderately sized Quarton Lake city lot in Birmingham Michigan.

Andrea loves color; she had also acquired many great heirloom pieces of furniture from her parents and the couple wanted to mix them in to create a warm English townhouse atmosphere while keeping it fresh for their young family.

The transformation of the exterior alone, has added dramatic curb appeal. One of the best things we did was to paint the brick with several shades of gray and then wear through them with a power washer to get the exact patina that comes with time.

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Set in the middle of the fabled Malibu Colony, this 1930’s cottage had gone through several renovations, additions and modifications when my client purchased it as a vacation home in 1992.

The first order of business was to open up the main floor so that when you walked in to the front door, you could see the ocean in all its glory. This was no small task as there were three walls in the way and the ceiling was at three different heights.

The other request from the owner was to open up the beach side of the house so that the master bedroom on the second floor along with the living room on the main floor took full advantage of the famous coastline and all its views.

I felt as a designer that since this was not a primary residence, it was a great opportunity to push the envelope for the owner and create an environment of vibrant color and texture that rivaled the awesome sunny colors over the Pacific Ocean. Lastly, we choose to honor the original French Cottage and bring back most of the details that had been lost along the way.

The end result is a fantastic and inviting getaway for the owner’s family and their guests.

330 Eastern Avenue SE - Grand Rapids, MI 49503 - 616.454.9490