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Extreme attention to detail is the best way to describe how Jeffery Roberts worked the designs, building and furnishings for the interior, exterior and grounds of this English Manor.

Taking 3 years to plan every aspect of every detail, Jeffery and the owner wanted to make sure that they had worked through everything before construction began. Taking another 3 plus years to execute the entire estate was truly a work of art.

Planning for the homes furnishings and finishes during the architectural stage made things come to life even before they were executed. Collecting was paramount to adding the lived in feel that the owner hoped for.

One of the best compliments we received was when, based upon the finishes and furnishings used, a guest mistakenly thought that this new house had been there for many years. She simply thought she had never noticed the home with its dark exterior, made to blend into the surrounding woods to minimize its size.

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Staying True To Character

Seeing first-hand the success of remodeling projects completed by Jeffery Roberts for her parents, Andrea Leistra and her husband, Phil, hired him to update their 1930s’ colonial.

“We wanted to stay true to the era in which it had been built,” Andrea said. “Beyond interior design, Jeffery is very knowledgeable about architecture, he understood engineering issues such as angles on the roof to solve drainage problems, exterior materials and insulation as well as what type of vent covers would suit the home’s historic character.”

Acting as general contractor, Jeffery managed the Leistras’ extensive remodel from outside in: Stacked stone and stucco were added to the colonial’s exterior, in addition to a new roof and paint to age the brick. A master suite was added, windows replaced and moldings enhanced for grander impact. The kitchen also enjoyed a dramatic makeover.

“We completely gutted it,” Andrea said. “In a magazine I’d seen a black and white 1920s’ kitchen that I really liked. But while I loved our new weathered wood black and white cabinets that look original – Jeffery knew I also loved color.”

Inspired by his client’s favorite apple, Jeffery suggested Granny Smith green subway tiles for the backsplash and two hues of red stripes on an accent wall. Handcrafted light fixtures, honed countertops and tulip-print window treatments add further warmth and cheer in Andrea’s “dream kitchen.” The Leistras’ also enjoyed hunting for vintage accents with Jeffery in Chicago, where they reclaimed original brass doorknobs imprinted with the Plaza Hotel’s logo. “We love New York and the Plaza hotel,” Andrea noted. “Being able to salvage parts of it for our home was special and just fun.”

From start to finish, having one person to turn to for everything made the entire remodeling process much easier, the Leistras’ agreed. “He understood every part of it,” Andrea said, “especially what mattered most to us.”

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Urban Loft

As part of the Motor Row Historical District in the south loop area of Chicago, this urban loft space was once a part of the factory for Kelly Springfield Tire. Built in 1914, the 3 story structure became one of several buildings to support the new and expanding Automobile industry in Chicago which started when Henry Ford opened his first showroom to sell his new invention.

The space had been vacant for over 40 years. Pigeons were the residents in charge. The renovation of this space into an urban living space was part of the greater project to fully renovate the entire 24,000 square feet building into a new mixed use facility, a task executed by Jeffery Roberts.

?It?s great to be able to honor the past by reusing the old with the new? It is with passion that Jeffery works to be ?green? by reclaiming, recycling and renovating materials and even whole buildings.
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The Symphony Showhouse 2010

A charitable event sponsored by the Women?s Committee of the Grand Rapids Symphony, was part of the Wilcox Estate located in the heart of East Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jeffery Roberts was chosen to transform the Guest House.

The concept for the Guest House, the former ?Gardeners Lodge? as it was referred to by the Wilcox family, was to create an environment that honors creativity, the reclaiming of materials and the art of collecting.

Artwork from local artists, a sculpture from Chicago Artist, Nick Cave and several custom pieces of furniture and furnishings fill the space with lots to stimulate the senses. A table covered with smashed soda cans, collected by Jeffery as he walked his dog in Chicago, bed linens made of old men?s dress shirts from thrift stores, and several pieces that incorporate reclaimed barn lumber all ways that the ?Jeffery Roberts Furnishings? collection practice green design.

Several collections of antiques and flea market finds such as colorful seltzer bottles, silver lanterns, black and white yard long photographs and yellow ware bowls are a great way to honor our past and recycle lots of bygone treasures.
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Set in the middle of the fabled Malibu Colony, this 1930’s cottage had gone through several renovations, additions and modifications when my client purchased it as a vacation home in 1992.

The first order of business was to open up the main floor so that when you walked in to the front door, you could see the ocean in all its glory. This was no small task as there were three walls in the way and the ceiling was at three different heights.

The other request from the owner was to open up the beach side of the house so that the master bedroom on the second floor along with the living room on the main floor took full advantage of the famous coastline and all its views.

I felt as a designer that since this was not a primary residence, it was a great opportunity to push the envelope for the owner and create an environment of vibrant color and texture that rivaled the awesome sunny colors over the Pacific Ocean. Lastly, we choose to honor the original French Cottage and bring back most of the details that had been lost along the way.
The end result is a fantastic and inviting getaway for the owner’s family and their guests.

330 Eastern Avenue SE - Grand Rapids, MI 49503 - 616.454.9490