While Jeffery Roberts excels in period European architecture and interiors with English and French influences, he’s also right at home creating modern, eclectic spaces.

Revitalizing urban loft retreats in renovated commercial buildings is a passion – and he has earned his renown for salvaging and recycling dynamic items from historical sites.

“Dismantled barn wood can become one-of-a-kind custom cabinetry or furniture,” Jeffery noted. “Hardware from an old hotel can be reclaimed to lend a sense of history and mystery in new construction.”

Whether creating spaces for a contemporary condominium or century-old home, Jeffery offers distinct skills and services.

Clear sense of space

An artist as well as a builder and designer, Jeffery fashions each room with full spatial awareness. This natural and studied three-dimensional appreciation of size and scope results in a home that feels comfortable and where furnishings fit perfectly.

Keen eye for color

Understanding how colors evolve throughout the day in different light, play off one another and influence emotions is credited by clients as Jeffery’s outstanding gift. Unexpected color combinations are his specialty.

Attention to detail

No matter a project’s scope or style, Jeffery’s ingrained love of researching, collecting, sourcing and repurposing equals a home that’s personalized with special touches at every level.

330 Eastern Avenue SE - Grand Rapids, MI 49503 - 616.454.9490